Episode posted January 23, 2018

What can be said about Spice World, twenty years later? Well, in our first episode of 2018, we'll tell you that David Russell, pop music expert and manager to Sia, saw it opening weekend. He joins Chris and Drew to discuss Spice Girls mania and as it was when this film was released in 1998, as well as Madonna, Bananarama, Cathy Dennis and more. Is this a great film? No. But is it a great snapshot of pop culture history? Yes. 


Normally, we write out the show notes. Because this episode's show notes consisted mostly of our guest naming off pop music, it made more sense to just post the videos for those songs. They're all below, with the exception of these bits: Jason Sudeikis looks like George Wendt, Roger Ebert’s damning review of Spice World, and Janet Maslin’s considerably more gentle (but still negative) review.