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The Wedding Singer

Episode posted Feb. 6, 2018

Adam Sandler celebrated Valentine's Day 1998 with an unusual follow-up to Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison: a date movie that showcased his considerable chemistry with Drew Barrymore. The Wedding Singer and its soundtrack helped kickstart a love for '80s nostalgia that still hasn't died, but does it all hold up? Grae Drake, senior editor for Rotten Tomatoes, helps Chris and Drew separate what works from what doesn't. And yes, we totally talk about how the jokes at Alexis Arquette's expense so totally don't work twenty years later.



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We Are Not Young Anymore is a roughly bi-monthly podcast in which hosts Chris Eggertsen and Drew Mackie revisit the ’80s and ’90s movies they liked back when they were kids, all in an effort to determine whether they hold up or whether our sunny VHS memories are obscured by “the fog of nostalgia,” as Chris is fond of saying. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, on SoundCloud, on Google Play and on most other places you can find podcasts. (BTW, if you can rate and review us on iTunes, we'd be eternally grateful.) You can also follow us on Twitter, on Facebook or on Instagram.

The Hosts


Chris Eggertsen

The first movie Chris saw in theaters was Masters of the Universe starring Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Meg Foster, and that girl from the Springsteen video. He later spawned his pop-culture obsession into a “career” and has written for outlets including The Hollywood Reporter, HitFix, The Playlist, Birth Movies Death, Uproxx, and Curbed LA. When he's not recalling his childhood traumas into a microphone, he mostly fantasizes about being Fairuza Balk in The Craft.

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Drew Mackie

Drew saw Scream on opening day and subsequently spent the rest of high school watching every movie IMDb said it referenced. He has since branched out and watched a handful of other genres as well. He has written about popular culture for People, MSN Entertainment, Frontiers, Hornet and some others, though he is no longer chasing bylines. He has a mustache and a dog and he likes to imagine an alternate universe where Shelley Long had a long-running film career.

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