The Wedding Singer


Episode posted February 6, 2018

Adam Sandler celebrated Valentine's Day 1998 with an unusual follow-up to Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison: a date movie that showcased his considerable chemistry with Drew Barrymore. The Wedding Singer and its soundtrack helped kickstart a love for '80s nostalgia that still hasn't died, but does it all hold up? Grae Drake, senior editor for Rotten Tomatoes, helps Chris and Drew separate what works from what doesn't. And yes, we totally talk about how the jokes at Alexis Arquette's expense so totally don't work twenty years later.



1:32: Yes, BTW, that's Monica's mom from Friends in Masters of the Universe.


2:25: Please watch this video of Grae Drake dressed like a unicorn and interviewing Jennifer Lawrence.

12:02: The Washington Post even has a term for the unique chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore: “professional soulmates.”

4:28: Please also watch this video of Grae interviewing Keanu Reeves re: John Wick.

18:10: BTW, Drew and Grae are not the only people to pick up on transphobia being played for laughs re: Alexis Arquette in The Wedding Singer.

23:20: The Adam Sandler movie shared universe

25:23: According to this page, it seems some people have given The Wedding Singer a pass on the Bechdel Test, but just barely.

29:25: Chris' twentieth-anniversary retrospective on The Craft

32:48: Rosie Perez dancing through the opening credits of Do the Right Thing

36:31: "The Severe Beating of a High School Spanish Teacher" is something we thought was funny in 1993. 

43:37: The majesty that is Tina Belcher's “Buttloose”

51:50: Yes, we already did a Grosse Point Blank episode, and it's our least-listened-to so far. 

55:45: BTW, the internet still cannot yield a solid answer about whether Omri Katz is gay.

57:30: Yes, Jay Leno really did ask Jonathan Taylor Thomas about gay rumors.

1:00:32: The weird story of the diner waitress who disliked Tony Goldwyn because he played the villain in Ghost.