Episode posted Dec. 19, 2017

Twenty years ago this week, a three-hour tour turned into one of the biggest movie events of all time. Since, Titanic has remained in the public consciousness, but does it deserve its success (and boatloads of billions)? Writer and comedian Louis Virtel joins Chris and Drew to talk about Leo DiCaprio's impossibly perfect hair, about Kate Winslet's status as a totally down girl who can hang, and Gloria Stuart's pronunciation of the phrase "the most erotic moment of my life."



@ 3:10:After Elton became The Backlot, which later morphed into New Now Next, which is no longer strictly a gay men's pop culture site, per se, but is still throughly gay.

@t 8:25: Jenette Goldstein, Titanic’s Irish mom and go-to character actor in James Cameron movies, is also a bra entrepreneuse, BTW.

@ 8:36: Jenette Goldetsin on becoming Vasquez in Aliens 

@ 10:50: Here, Lindy West also agrees that the "slave ship" line was one of the worst in Titanic.

@ 13:20: Entertainment Weekly also asks why didn't Leo get an Oscar nom for Titanic.

@ 14:26: And Cosmo also asks why the fuck Rose throws the necklace into the ocean at the end of Titanic.

@ 18:01: At the very least, Drew is not the only person who thinks Titanic is exploitative.

@ 18:20: Avalanche is a 1978 disaster film starring Rock Hudson and Mia Farrow as love interests, and it's fascinatingly terrible and you can watch it online in its entirety for free

@ 21:36: Many a thinkpiece has been written on the phenomenon of men crying at the end of Titanic:

@ 22:57: The old couple on the bed in Titanic is Isidor and Ida Straus, who owned Macy's department store in real life. But Drew is mistaken here; they're also not actually main characters in A Night to Remember.

@ 23:08: The trailer for A Night to Remember

@ 26:05: Daring opinion: Billy Zane is bald but nonetheless hot. Also he has a beard now. Look at it . LOOK AT IT.


@ 26:37: Daring theory: Leonardo DiCaprio is Vaan from Final Fantasy XII.

@ 28:32: Gwyneth Paltrow was among the actresses considered to play Rose in Titanic.

@ 33:57: According to Linda Hamilton, it was no big loss that she split from James Cameron and her marriage to him was “terrible on every level.”

@ 34:40: James Cameron’s statement of "Filmmaking is war" really tells you everything you need to know, doesn’t it? 

@ 34:58: Kate Winslet said she'd never work with James Cameron again, but now she's allegedly participating in the Avatar sequels, so maybe she’s only willing to reteam with him for a huge load of money?

@ 35:06: Also, Winslet chipped a bone while filming Titanic:

@ 35:27: Sigourney Weaver said James Cameron didn't take home an Oscar for directing Avatar because he didn't have breasts. (His ex-wife Kathryn Bigelow won the Oscar instead.)

@ 36:08: James Cameron sucks — in general, but also at the Oscars specifically.

@ 37:28: Avatar made a ton of money, yet it has no pop culture presence, unlike nearly every other geek-leaning franchise in film history.

@ 38:13: Louis and Chris explain why The Force Awakens is actually not the godsend you thought it was.

@ 39:18: Louis is right: the lyrics to "My Heart Will Go On" do, in fact, read like a mistranslated Korean tattoo.

@ 41:24: Actually, the middle finger goes back to ancient Greece and has been actively used to say “fuck you” in the U.S. since the 1890s.

@ 43:22: Kim Basinger beating out Gloria Stuart for the 1998 Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

@  45:28: SNL's alternate ending to Titanic, in which Gloria Stuart is beaten savagely for withholding the Heart of the Ocean.

@ 45:28: The actual alternate ending to Titanic.

@ 46:30: Julianne Moore vs. Gloria Stuart on SNL