Episode posted Nov. 28, 2017

This is a movie about three men — heterosexual but cohabitating — who raise an abandoned baby while fending off a drug cartel. Three Men and a Baby was also the highest-grossing movie of 1987, and while critics and audiences loved it, Chris and Drew are hard-pressed to think of a single reason why aside from Tom Selleck's mustache. Fortunately, comedy writer and actor Rob Nolan guests hosts and offers the counter-argument of "Hey, maybe it doesn't suck." Ghosts are discussed as well.



@ 2:18: For the record, Three Men and a Baby is probably the best non-Star Trek film directed by Leonard Nimoy. It's at least better than the one where Joseph Gordon-Levitt marries Patricia Arquette.

@ 2:24: This film has a 74 percent ”fresh“ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and we are baffled by this fact:

@ 11:12: The line that gave rise to many a young man’s fascination with chest hair: "A hairy chest! Like that? You want one of these?" Yes, Steve Guttenberg. Yes, we do.

@ 11:39: For your viewing pleasure, 42 seconds of Steve Guttenberg shirtless.

@ 11:41: FYI, Drew has a mustache and he wants to tell you about it.

@ 12:38: Please don't forget that this movie allows you to see Ted Danson in drag.


@ 13:34: The video for "Bad Boy" by Miami Sound Machine, but specifically the video that stars the cats from CATS

@ 19:50: Roger Ebert liked Three Men and a Baby but also points out that we could have done without the drug subplot. He’s not wrong.

@ 20:03: The trailer for 3 hommes et un couffin

@ 20:12: The entirety of Thoovalsparsham ("Feather Touch"), the Malayam remake of Three Men and a Baby

@ 25:43: The opening theme to My Two Dads, which is not a TV show about a gay couple

@ 26:19: It's Greg Evigan, and he was very '80s dad hot.


@ 26:46: There is some academic literature about the weird elimination of biological mothers in Three Men and a Baby, Full House, My Two Dads.

@ 27:30: Behold, the opening credits to I Married Dora

@ 28:13: And then the weirdly meta ending to I Married Dora.

@ 37:40: If you don't know about the Three Men and a Baby ghost or why it's bullshit, watch this video. But you should already know this. What is wrong with you?

@ 38:54: Tom Selleck also seems to think the ghost story is stupid.

@ 40:50: It may not surprise you that the story about the lady who was eaten by raccoons is one of Drew's favorites. Here, read it in all its glory.

@ 41:18: Phantom Dennis, Cordelia's L.A. roommate in on Angel.

@t 43:13: For example: The Simpsons actually riffed on A Few Good Men more than once, but it just doesn't have the lingering presence the way other movies from that era do.