The Brave Little Toaster


Episode posted Aug. 7, 2017

Unsung Disney classic The Brave Little Toaster recently turned 30, and Drew and Chris exhume it to sing its praises. What, exactly, is the psychosexual dynamic going on between the title character and Blankie? Is the toaster supposed to be a he or a she? Did this movie really help bring about Toy Story? Is it the saddest Disney animated epic ever? And does guest host Nikol Hasler have the most depressing memories of watching and rewatching this movie?



@3:25 The trailer for the botched version of Nausicaa, Warriors of the Wind

@6:36: Drew’s Facebook thread about your scariest memories about old cartoons

@6:38: The Brave Little Toaster’s experience at Sundance

@10:23: The weird history of Brave Little Toaster and the creation of Pixar

@12:54: How similar is Toy Story to The Brave Little Toaster? 

@15:11: The flower scene, a heartstring-tugger even among heartstring-tuggers 

@21:35: Thurl Ravenscroft, who voiced the vacuum clearer, was also the voice of Tony the Tiger and was altogether awesome 

@25:28: Night Stand in all its super budge ’90s comedy glory 

@33:37: Yes, there’s a topless woman in this movie 

@41:33: Here, watch the Honeymaid commercial that made Nikol lose her shit 

@43:35: Nikol's pornography podcast for perverts