Episode posted Dec. 12, 2017

Twenty years before Laurie Metcalf started getting Oscar buzz, she played Scream 2's Mrs. Loomis, the kookoo-bananas matriarch of one of horror's great murder families. But does the slasher sequel hold up? Ira Madison III — writer and totally not a pundit — joins Drew and Chris for a discussion of Portia de Rossi's eyebrows, Jada Pinkett's ill-fated movie-goer character and the Scream franchise in general. (BTW, please be nice and subscribe to Ira's new podcast, Keep It.)



@ 1:58: FWIW, Laurie Metcalf was just this morning nominated for a Golden Globe for Ladybird, so here's hoping, Debbie Salt goes to the Oscars.

@ 2:34: The WaPo's shoutout to Ira Madison

@ 2:58: Read Ira's stuff at The Daily Beast. 

@ 3:04: And also listen to Ira's forthcoming Crooked Media podcast series, Keep It

@ 3:41: Chris's ranking of every Scream character ever (Spoiler: Steven Orth does not do so well.)

@ 4:55: Read the shooting script for Scream 2, in which Gale dies, Hallie and Derek are killers and there's a weird macaroni-based sorority scene.

scream 2 original script.png
scream 2 macaroni scene.png

@ 10:04: Hard to believe, but yes -- some people actually think Scream 3 is a better film than Scream 2.

@ 11:16: Scream 2 was filmed at the Vista Theater in Los Feliz and the Rialto Theater in Pasadena (plus some more locations).

@ 16:49: The glory hole scene in Scary Movie that literalizes the gay context in Scream 2

@ 17:21: The Black Christmas reference in Scream 2

@ 18:28: Regina Hall making fun of Jada Pinkett in Scary Movie

@ 20:07: In addition to playing the inexplicably Latina daughter in National Lampoon’s Vegas VacationMarisol Nichols is the only Latina character in the entirety of Scream and she's also now Veronica's mom on Riverdale.

@ 24:33: The lost Scream 2 scene that had Sarah Michelle Gellar, Portia de Rossi and Rebecca Gayheart together (and which you might have wondered about if you saw this photo in the liner notes for the movie’s soundtrack).


@ 31:03: Heather Graham was at least famous enough to make the cut for Rolling Stone's Scream 2 feature. But can we talk about how weird these photos are? Just these five? Lounging comfortably in pajamas? Covered in blood? Also, there is a bloodless version as well.

@ 34:19: Never forget: Roman Bridger was the ultimate architect of all the Scream murders, except for maybe those in Scream 2, maybe because he was busy.

@ 40:58: The Scream 4 trailer that foreshadowed Gale Weathers not getting killed off

@ 44:53: The Sarah Darling / Sarah Michelle Gellar theory

@ 47:12: Ira Madison in defense of Jada Pinkett

@ 48:38: Selma Blair makes a voice-only cameo in Scream 2 as Cici's friend

@ 48:54: Wait, are Ted and Dawnie references to Buffy in Scream 2?

@ 53:59: Jennifer Jolie: "I'm the killer in Stab 3!" 

@ 54:28: Scream 3's Jennifer Jolie is a joining of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston years before they had any reason to be associated with each other.

@ 55:50: The new L.A. Weekly owners are tremendous dicks, BTW. 

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