Episode posted Oct. 6, 2017

Ask anyone who saw 1985's Return to Oz when they were a kid, and they'll probably remember it being scary. It is scary. (Princess Mombi is basically perfect nightmare fuel.) But in this episode, Chris, Drew and guest host Glen Lakin talk about how it's also a better movie that its reputation would have you think. Also discussed: Fairuza Balk being a precocious little moppet, Illuminati mind control, and how Return to Oz came to be the first and last movie directed by revered film editor Walter Murch.



@3:06: Glen's very gay analysis of Catwoman in Batman Returns

@5:04: The theme to the 1982 anime Wizard of Oz

@6:23: Glen is making a joke about how in anime nosebleeds are used to signify horniness. No, I don't get it either.

@7:20: If you, like Chris, have never heard of the Yip-Yips, consider yourself fortunate. Here they are in all their unholy glory.

@10:07: Why Piper Laurie (Auntie Em) wasn't in the new Twin Peaks

@12:32: How Pons Maar (the head Wheeler) helped inspire the Noid, and also the noid is the most awful thing

@13:31: The real-life hostage situation that forced Domino's to abandon the Noid

@13:47: Yep, Tik-Tok is the Oz analogue of the "smiling" electroshock machine

@15:43: How George Lucas got Walter Murch's job back after he was briefly fired from Return to Oz

@17:30: Little Fairuza Balk was very mature in explaining how she wasn't attempting to compete with Judy Garland

@21:03: Lost Girls, the erotic Alan Moore graphic novel in which Dorothy has her first orgasm during a tornado

@23:04 In addition to losing his TV show gig for being gay, Michael Sundin (Tik-Tok) was entirely too cute to be in a metal suit

@24:10: Drew's dog really does look like Gmork from Neverending Story... among other things

@25:59: Janet Maslin of the New York Times was really not into Princess Mombi's look

@30:40: Yeah, the majority of people who received electroshock therapy really were women

@38.50: The long history of DIsney trying and failing to make a Wizard of Oz movie

@45:52: The weird, weird, weird, Illuminati mind control reading of Return to Oz

@50:11: Return to Oz representation at Disneyland Paris

@50:13: The Black Cauldron's Horned King on House of Mouse

@52:30: Polychrome the Rainbow's Daughter and other random Oz characters who appear in the finale to Return to Oz

@54:53: Emerald City was a TV adaptation of The Wizard of Oz with an unreasonably sexy Scarecrow

@57:23: Glen is on Instagram and he draws gay art on Tumblr