I KNOW what you did last summer


Episode posted Oct. 17, 2017

Journalist Katherine Spiers joins Chris and Drew for a discussion of the best fish-themed thriller of 1997, when the success of Scream led producers to say "Hey, let's put that other actress from Party of Five in a horror movie." (No, not Lacey Chabert.) And while I Know What You Did Last Summer proved to be a box office success, we're wondering how it compares today. Could it be enjoyed as pretty good Lifetime original-style thriller? Is Anne Heche the best thing in it? And why *did* Johnny Galecki's character need to die, anyway?



@2:32: For the record, The Devil's Advocate was not rendered unsuccessful by virtue of opening the same day as I Know What You Did Last Summer. It ended up making $150 million, we're guessing because viewers love horror mixed with incest.

@2:53: Check out Katherine Spiers's work at LA Weekly and on her food podcast, Smart Mouth 

@4:28: Fellow coworker Nikol was the guest on our Brave Little Toaster episode 

@6:41: Anne Heche delivering cigarettes makes for the best jump scare in the whole movie

@6:57: A May 1997 People article about Ellen and Anne Heche attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner

@7:43: The Client List is a Jennifer Love Hewitt series about giving handjobs for money

@10:31: Never forget that Nell was a real movie that came out in theaters 

@10:36: Mayella Ewell is the most pathetic character in the history of American literature 

@12:41: Miramax successfully sued Sony to get them to stop calling Kevin Williamson "the creator of Scream"

@17:21: Roger Ebert's one-star review of I Know What You Did Last Summer

@17:22Entertainment Weekly liked IKWYDLS and said Jennifer Love Hewitt could "scream with soul" 

@18:16: The "what are you waiting for?" scene resulted from the suggestion of a fan who won a contest

@22:57: I guess we're not going to get that Cruel Intentions follow-up series

@29:45: Differences between the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer and the book I Know What You Did Last Summer

@32:39: Sez Drew: Ryan Philippe was at his sexiest around the time he made Stop-Loss, and there are the pictures to prove it


@32:42: Ryan Philippe in all his twinky glory, c. 1997

@33:33: Sarah Michelle Gellar's cameo in She's All That 

@33:58: Drop everything you're doing and watch the pilot to the bygone SMG soap Swans Crossing

@36:50: JLH's most knocker-tastic scene, per Chris 

@37:13: JLH's most knocker-tastic scene, per Katherine

@41:11D-TOX is a Sylvester Stallone movie you shouldn't watch

@41:17Venom is a Kevin Williamson movie you shouldn't watch

@50:28: Okay, so maybe I Still Know What You Did Last Summer was a terrible sequel, but it at least had a solid teaser consisting of footage shot solely for promotional purposes, which is a rarity in Hollywood

@52:10: Lois Duncan hated the movie adaptation of I Know What You Did Last Summer

@52:44: The unsolved murder of Kaitlyn Arquette, Lois Duncan's daughter 

@54:44Rest in peace, Lois Duncan

@54:49: The TV movie Killing Mr. Griffin, starring Amy Jo Johnson and Mario Lopez 

@55:27: And on the other hand, there’s Teaching Mrs. Tingle, the movie that gave Helen Mirren and Katie Holmes a shared credit

@57:00: Yep, it was the Columbine shooting that resulted in Killing Mrs. Tingle being changed to Teaching Mrs. Tingle

@57:37: The IMDb parents' guide explaining every potentially objectionable thing in a rated-R movie is the funniest thing ever 


@59:02: Jennifer Love Hewitt's "I'm a puppy" face

@1:02:34: Listen to Katherine's Smart Mouth interview with celebrity mortician Caitlin Doughty