Death Becomes Her


Episode posted July 31, 2017

Chris and Drew celebrate the 25th anniversary of a movie that can only be described as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? meets The Evil Dead. But a quarter century later, do we remember Death Becomes Her for its incisive critique of the cult of beauty? Or do we just remember Meryl Streep's head being on backwards? Avowed heterosexual Nick Loiacano helps answer these questions.



@3:16: Nick's video game blog, Console Glory

@5:21: Donald Trump vs. Meryl Streep 

@6:39: JAG star Catherine Bell was Isabella Rossellini's stunt butt

@8:08: Why Death Becomes Her is gay as all fuck

@11:16: Scenes from the 2016 Death Becomes Her screening at Hollywood Forever

@15:01: Read the scripted version of the original, Tracey Ullman-centric ending to Death Becomes Her

@23:32: The trailer for the homoerotic-tastic movie Apartment Zero

@25:31: The trailer for What's the Matter With Helen?, a primo but non-Baby Jane example of the hagsploitation genre

@30:40: Is Death Becomes Her the anti-aging parable we need?

@38:20: Entertainment Weekly’s less-than-enthusiastic review for Death Becomes Her

@39:18: The wonderful Isabella Rossellini-focused episode of You Must Remember This

@43:38: Green Porno, the web series in which Isabella Rossellini shows you how snails fuck

@50:34: Meryl Streep was winning all the awards, even back in the era of Tiny Toons

@54:25: BTW, that episode of the Bionic Broadcast that Drew guest-starred on