A league of their own


Episode posted June 30, 2017

Twenty-five years later, A League of Their Own isn't just the movie that introduced the world to Rosie O'Donnell. It's also a still-rare example of a women's sports flick, it's a smash hit that was directed by a woman, and it's the one good movie Madonna has ever made. Michelle Lanz — a guest who is always special but also happens to be the first-ever full-fledged guest house in the history of We Are Not Young Anymore — joins Drew and Chris to talk about how A League of Their Own holds up today and whether it can be called a feminist film.




@5:22: The very small club of women who have directed successful comedy films

@10:26: Geena Davis, competitive archer:

@11:18: Bill Pullman's beard, of which Michelle is a fan


@19:34: Why Debra Winger dropped out of A League of Their Own

@20:13: Why Demi Moore got 'screwed' out of A League of Their Own

@21:18: Madonna's hilariously Madonna-like letter to Stephen Meisel

@22:33: Rosie O'Donnell originally read for the part of Marla

@26:48: Historical inaccuracies in A League of Their Own

@27:09: Fact vs. fiction in A League of Their Own 

@27:18: The WWII draft and how it affected major league baseball and minor league baseball differently

@28:48: All about Effa Manley, the first woman elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame

@30:33: Female players in the Negro Leagues

@39:58: How A League of Their Own helped inspire Schindler's List